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Small Bathroom Design, 19 Cool Designs

Small Bathroom Design, It is common to sight small bathrooms and therefore small bathroom designs should be adequate to comfortably match all tastes. Variety of small bathroom designs is endless but there are a few tips that one could follow in any small bathroom to get a design which competes with large bathroom designs in terms of luxury and beauty.

Think about what you really need in the bathroom. Examples include replacing a bath tub with a simple shower which saves more space giving the small bathroom design more volume. Another example would be to exploit the walls and doors by hanging towel mounts using hooks instead of having a towel rack that takes lots of space. Nice shelving can also be placed above the sink or toilet with glass doors to display a nice bathroom set.

The main tip about small bathroom design is to keep everything simple as shown in the pictures below. The use of busy patterns or too many colors will make the bathroom feel cramped and cluttered. An ideal example of small bathroom design would stick with a simple shower curtain, a few accessories in a matching finish, and two solid colors of bath towels.


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