European Bathroom Vanities

European bathroom vanities have managed to be prominent attraction to the bathroom vanities’ customers. The reason behind the success of European bathroom vanities is that they come in all styles from classic to traditional and even top notch contemporary. You need to determine which style you are going to use in your bathroom then take a pick from the variety of European bathroom vanities. Examples of simple and ornate European bathroom vanities are explained below and illustrated in the images.

Simple design: The simplest European vanities designs for bathrooms are the modern bathroom vanities and the shaker style bathroom vanities. European shaker vanities are made of light wood or pine complimented by a solid white sink without much or no accent accompanied by a matching simple mirror. Modern bathroom vanities are made of sleek materials like stone, glass, stainless steel and metal. These European bathroom vanities may have no knobs at all to retain simplicity. The faucets of these bathroom units are usually made of stainless steel.

Ornate design: Beauty of details can be seen in traditional and classic European bathroom vanities. Traditional European bathroom vanities use a lot of hardwood or are wholly made of it. The most popular woods are Cherry, Oak, Walnut and Redwood. A polished or rustic wood vanity is very effective in providing a European aura. . Antique accessories and parts like knobs, pulls and mild accents are perfect for the bathroom vanities with dark hues. Brass or gold color faucets look great as well creating a very symmetrical and stylish effect.



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