bathroom planner

Bathroom Planner

Bathroom Planner, Are you planning to design a new bathroom or make a complete bathroom makeover? Visualizing the bathroom dimensions and how different elements are going to fit in the bathroom is a vital step before moving on to the applying phase. Writing done the measurements on paper and doing a rough drawing of the bathroom may be misleading. Innovation solved this problem by creating a virtual bathroom planner.

A bathroom planner that you can easily find online is the bathroom design “Does it fit?” tool. When you first open the bathroom planner tool it will help you choose the layout of your bathroom and then specify its size by filling in the dimensions of each wall. This bathroom planner tool has everything that you want to install in a bathroom from bath, toilet, sink, bidet, shower, windows, even to bathroom radiators.

You can use the bathroom planner to choose the size of the bathroom fixture and rotate it as you like and place it anywhere in the virtual bathroom layout. Use the bathroom planner to design a whole bathroom set before applying on reality. You can even use a human figure supplied with the bathroom planner to see if you can move freely in the bathroom plan. Extra bathroom ideas can be gained from the next pictures.


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