Bathroom Painting

Bathroom Painting

Bathroom Painting, People may think of renovating their bathroom, when they are boring from their old bathroom design, and they look forward new innovation and decorating bathroom ideas. Bathroom painting is an easy and most effective way to renovate your bathroom. You may walk up some time and feel boring from your old bathroom designs, so make your bathroom look more feeling and make a new bathroom makeover in a cheap, easy, and fast way by painting new colors in your bathroom.

You have to follow some important steps to paint your bathroom, such as;

1. To start your bathroom painting process, be sure that your bathroom surface is totally free of moisture.

2. Choose your bathroom painting colors from light, dark or mix between light and dark colors.

3. Remove the peeling paint from your bathroom using sand paper

4. Kill the mildew or mold with a mixture of water and bleach.

5. Wash the entire bathroom with mild soap before starting on a picture job.

In order to make your bathroom painting look brighter, you can use high-gloss or semi-gloss paint. You can get also an array of paints colors as well as guarantees against molding, mildew and peeling. To choose your bathroom Painting color or design, you have to keep in mind some considerations as the bathroom size and main users. Use lighter painting shades in large bathrooms and darker shades in small bathrooms.

Choose vivid colors or designs when planning your children bathroom, as children learn many things from anywhere, even it was their bathroom. Indulge some children innovative designs, such as a creature motif or mural, to make your kids’ bathroom painting look more inviting. In painting your guests bathroom, use a shade that is similar or lighter than what is used in the master bedroom.

There are many ideas in decorating your bathroom, as you can also use paint prints, solid colours or mix of two for your bathroom makeover, or you can use bathroom paints based on the decorative items and bathroom fixtures, such as light covers, towel racks, floor mats and shower curtains that you have already selected. To create a soothing atmosphere in your bathroom, select the pastel painting colors, or use bright colors, as red, yellow or black. Some of bathroom painting fun ideas are to indulge paper prints such as circles, rectangular shapes, angels, butterflies and jungle creatures.





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