bathroom makeovers

Bathroom makeovers

Bathroom makeovers, When we wake up in the morning to meet the challenges of a new day, we enter the bathroom to get freshened up and ready. In case the bathroom was gloomy or had damaged/bad looking fixtures, then a bathroom makeover becomes an urging necessity. Getting the best bathroom makeover can only be achieved by the best bathroom decoration plan.

You need to have a clear picture of the bathroom after makeover in your mind before you continue to shopping. Note down everything that the bathroom makeover needs to be changed, fixed or bought and then compare the market’s prices and quality. The most crucial parts of a bathroom makeover are the walls and lighting since other bathroom equipment like pipes, toilet seat, and bath tub can be easily taken off and replaced.

Saving money on the makeover of the walls can be done by simply painting them or using low priced vinyl tiles. Paint according to the bathroom makeover theme. Common bathroom colors include aqua and blue or earthy tones for a calmer mood. You can use a large mirror on one of the bathroom walls with a lighting fixture above it to makeover the bathroom into a large looking, bright space.

The bathroom makeover must also consider the flooring. Most bathroom floors can be tiled or have PVC tiles applied on them. At the end of the bathroom makeover, you can paint the shelves or cabinets that are available in the bathroom with a color that contrasts the bathroom color. You can get more bathroom makeover ideas by simply viewing the following images.


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